Discover the mysterious Essences of Music

Welcome to the ancient and secret art of awakening and expanding your awareness through musical intervals

Explore the vastness of your being, Now!

What is a musical interval? It’s simply the distance between two notes that can be played simultaneously or consecutively. Each distance is a gateway to your inner world and to the subtle dimensions of the Great Nature. To access this profound knowledge you don't need to be a musician but if you are, the music you play can achieve a deeper intention. Intervals are doors to infinity, a powerful and refined tool for growth with which you can climb new steps on the mystical ladder of knowledge…

Explore your depths beyond the veil of illusion... We are here to evolve, to increase our ability to love ourselves and others... Work on yourself and become a real human being!

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The paths of Absolute Light await you, the traveller…

Stop the known world!

Listening to the essences of music in a meditative state can reveal to you your understanding of your soul, your spirit, and the nature of every existing thing…

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Cross the threshold, jump beyond time!

Wake Up! Be Present! Here and Now, or never!
Your soul is clad in eternity…
Reveal the power of the soul with all the strength of your heart…

Walk the magical path of the Intervals

Be your well-spring of inspiration and your inner master

Abandon the ordinary, well-trodden paths, and open yourself up to new possibilities. The time has come!

Esperienze Guidate


By following the guiding voice, you come to a complete understanding of each interval. It's archetypal and objective experience. Pure listening to the intervals is not like listening to music in what we have come to consider the ordinary way…

Tracce di Intervalli Puri

Pure Interval

Backing tracks containing the intervals only, without the guiding voice, which you can use to develop the power of this knowledge more independently, freely and creatively!

Supporto Emozionale Aggiuntivo

Extra Emotional

You also have pdf files with more information to find the best way to proceed on the magical path of the intervals and achieve the best results. You will find emotional support and technical explanations to get the right intention to access the power of this ancient knowledge…

The Secret Path Of The Intervals

To fully understand the Secret Path of the intervals it’s essential to proceed in the order described and integrate every single interval in order to access the advanced practices. These practices cannot be experienced fully, with your whole being, without a deep knowledge of the inner states experienced in the self guided meditations.


Octave I

Guided Meditations
Voice Artist: Victoria Heward


1. Introduction – The Secret Knowledge of the Intervals

2. A Single Note, the Slumber of Unconsciousness

3. The Awakening – 1G

4. The Shift – 2m

5. Loving and Loving Oneself – 2M

6. The Inner Moon – 3m

7. Triumph – 3M

8. Rest – 4G

9. Eternal Becoming – 4A

10. Alignment – 5G

11. The Dark Wood of the Soul – 6m

12. Beauty – 6M

13. The Wait – 7m

14. Silent Knowledge – 7M

Octave II

Guided Meditations
Voice Artist: Victoria Heward


1. Introduction – A Paradigm Shift

2. The Mystic Bride – 8G

3. The Voice of the Soul – 9m

4. The Compassion of the Immortal Soul – 9M

5. The Body of the Universe – 10m

6. The Triumph of Light – 10M

7. The Sacred Covenant – 11G

8. The Resilience of the Spirit – 11A

9. Cosmic Alignment – 12G

10. The Celestial Prison – 13m

11. The Golden Section of Infinity  – 13M

12. Prayer – 14m

13. The Invisible Spirit – 14M

14. The Dress of Eternity – 15G

15. The Non-Place of the Eternal Covenant- 22G

Meditations I

Advanced Practices

1. Grounding

2. Cosmic Balance

3. Cosmic Cleansing

4. Heavenly Ascent

5. Stop

6. Stop ( 7seconds )

7. Interrupting a Signal

8. The Celestial Staircase

9. Heaven – Man – Earth

10. The Seventh Heaven

11. Ho’oponopono

Meditations II

Advanced Practices

1. Abdominal Breathing

2. The Heavenly Circuit

3. Horizontal Reverse Breathing

4. Uniting the Dan Tian

5. Drawing in the Aura

6. Aura expansion

7. Auric Breathing


Octave I

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Octave II

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Meditations I

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Meditations II

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The journey begins with the mystic shudder of perfect unison…

I Am the gate to Infinity…
I Am the fire of Knowledge…
I Am the vibration of the Origin…

Let the exploration begin!

A warrior of the spirit brings with him special magical tools, sparks of eternity, in support of his inner evolution and outer revolution... Musical intervals are sound symbols and they offer mystic nourishment for your inner development…

The paths of distant eternal worlds await you, between the limpid and refined octaves of the Great Spirit…

the secret path of the intervals

About the author

Simone Terigi

Simone Terigi was born in Sestri Levante, Italy, a town lying on the shining Mediterranean sea.

His life has been steeped in art since he was a child.

He is a guitarist, composer, and teacher. He has a long recording career with his band Lucid Dream and as a soloist.

He is also the author of several essays and a researcher of the Spirit, as he likes to define himself.

His profound artistic research into human potential and the mystery of the universe leads him to explore, experiment and integrate different internal disciplines and achieve an innovative multidimensional art that stimulates inner growth and the expansion of awareness.

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